Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Arabian Bites :: Melbourne Commercial Photogapher

It was a pleasure to work on this new business venture recently.

Arabian Bites

Mona was launching her new business and working with Meirav from Webby Web Design.

Budget was tight, but the dream would be realised

Arabian Bites

She needed some images for both the site and packaging/brochures/advertising.

Arabian Bites

The website was to be a dark tone and the imagery needed to match in and compliment the new branding by Blade.

Arabian Bites

Arabian Bites comes as ready-to-cook dough.
All the hard work is done for you.
Simply form into shapes (as small or large as you like) and fry or bake.

Arabian Bites

The result is fresh and tasty.
I must say, when rolling and prepping the dough, my hands smelled divine!

Congratulations Mona!
You can visit Arabian Bites on the web here:
Arabian Bites

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Welcome to the World { A Child Is Born }

Somewhere over the rainbow
Skies are blue

And the dreams that you dare
to dream

Really do come true.

The beautiful birth of Baby Rueben.

Enjoy x

Monday, March 3, 2014

Food & Product Photography :: Melbourne Commercial Photography

Shaping up to be another busy year .... foodphotography-hbfotografic

Working on some foodie type projects atm.

If you're a small business, cafe, or even just someone that needs clear images of your product that isn't even food-related..

I can help you with that.

0419 520 782

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

An Early Arrival :: Melbourne Birth Photographer


It's been a very busy February, and Natalie's due date was approaching. 

After a few back-n-forth emails, I knew we had to have a pre-baby chat, and so this is how it happened that Nat
and I spent 2 hours on the phone the day before her birth, talking everything from birth plans, a recent trip to New York
( theirs, not mine! ) and their beloved poodle-cross.


Natalie was insistent on a March birth.  She'd had stern words with the baby.
Everyone in their tight group of friends and family was born in Feb, so March was good to go.


Due for another 3 weeks and a first baby, I did not expect the wake-up call early the next morning!
I guess they didn't either...

 hbfotografic-birth-photography  hbfotografic-birth-photography

But it was definitely no false alarm...


We were here to attend a birth-day.


 Things were progressing quickly..

hbfotografic-rueben-birth-9v hbfotografic-birth-photography  hbfotografic-birth-photography

Natalie toiled brilliantly with only one early shot of pethidine for relief.


... preferring to transfer her pain to the bedsheet.


Daniel checked the clock.
He's going to be a Dad today.

hbfotografic-birth-photography   hbfotografic-birth-photography

  hbfotografic-birthstory-photography  hbfotografic-birth-photography

1.19pm, Saturday 15th February, 2014


A child is born.

hbfotografic-birth-photography  hbfotografic-birth-photography

Welcome Reuben!


hbfotografic-birth-photography  hbfotografic-birth-photography

He's perfect.

hbfotografic-birth-photography  hbfotografic-birth-photography

Congratulations Natalie & Daniel.


and thank you for allowing me to share your story here - i'll have your video available soon!

Thank you also to the midwives of the Mercy Hospital, Heidelberg, for your continued support and acceptance
of birth photography.  And of course, the wonderful job you do bringing babies into the world.


Monday, February 17, 2014

Peppercorn Cafe :: Melbourne Commercial Photographer



Situated in Main St, Mordialloc, Peppercorn Cafe is a buzzing and much loved local establishment.


From the moment you enter the door you are welcomed by the great smell of freshly ground coffee and great food.


Peppercorn Cafe is a great place to catch up with friends or stop by for a quick bite..


Come by early for coffee and breakfast, or maybe a light snack with friends..


Or pop in later and enjoy the funky vibe of an open kitchen and a fabulous meal.




Peppercorn Cafe is open:
Mon-Fri 9 till late
Sat And Sun 8 till late

There is also a function room for hire.


Peppercorn Cafe
576 Main St
Mordialloc VIC 3195

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Bronwyn & Scott ... A Wedding ... November 2013

Talk about last minute!
I am waiting on prints to deliver this wedding today - on Christmas Eve!!

Congratulations Bron & Scott.
Your wedding was perfect.  I wish you every happiness :)

- Lea








Happy 2013!


Saturday, October 5, 2013

Monday, September 30, 2013

Wrapped Around Her Finger :: Melbourne Child Photographer

I photographed this little cutie's big brother at the same age a couple of years ago and so when #2 arrived on the scene,
Mum contacted me to come pay another visit.

It was lovely to visit their new home and see images i'd taken up on the wall :)

W-Baby  |  Melbourne Child Photographer

We started our session with a little sidewalk catwalk...

W-Baby  |  Melbourne Child Photographer

W-Baby  |  Melbourne Child Photographer

And these cheeky four pics above show what happens when we get to cuddle old friends :)

W-Baby  |  Melbourne Child Photographer

W-Baby  |  Melbourne Child Photographer

Some cuddles and playtime with Mummy..

W-Baby  |  Melbourne Child Photographer

W-Baby  |  Melbourne Child Photographer

And finally home for a little rest.

Thanks for seeing me again little family!
If you want to see this little girls' big brother, here he is in 2011:
Baby R

( You'll have to excuse if the images look completely washed out on your screen from that session as they do on mine! ..
it was my monitor at the time, however, all images always print perfectly
:) )

If you're looking to book for 2013, you're almost too late!
I have a few session spots open this year, but not many - so quick, quick, chop, chop - call me now!
I won't bite, but I might snap ( and tell terrible jokes :/ )