Friday, November 9, 2012

Stacey's Family :: Melbourne Family Photographer


Love these pictures.


Such a beautiful family.


Some wine, some sport, some mosquitos ( they were huge suckers! )





Gorgeous man-childs..


and laughter .. always laughter.


Thanks for hanging out with me guys.



Erica said...

Lea you did a great job of capturing this family in a really fun and natural way. I really love the shot of the boys back to back, if I was their mum I'd be over the moon! The bokeh is amazing.

Hayley said...

Beautiful family shots Lea. Love that you've captured more than just everyone smiling at the camera. Love the family shot at the end!

Stacey said...

Yep, Erica, their Mum is over the moon! Thanks Lea for such a fun and easy shoot. I was so worried that we'd all look like stunned mullets but you managed to even get the tween son to relax and smile!
Now to choose......

Anne said...

Can you make my pics look this good? :D

The pressure is on!!

sophie said...

What handsome boys! Yes, the family shot at the end is definitely a keeper : )

amanda said...

These are so wonderful!! Love the first and the last. Beautiful.

Jodi Bingley said...

Beautiful... amazing family photos!

Fran said...

Wonderful shots! I really love the shots framed by the over-arching trees and yes that last family shot is perfection!

Suzie Renda said...

Great shots Leanne! Love how natural and relaxed the whole family is. Well done. Looks like that had fun. :)