Walking Through the Jungle, What do I See :: Melbourne Child Photographer


a couple of cutie-patooties smiling at me!



This session actually began as a gift certificate for a newborn baby gift .. ..

Are you a mother? 

It's hard work. 

I know when my last baby was sleeping, I wasn't about to prod him into cute little positions .. oh no .. I might WAKE.HIM!  .. I totally get it.


And besides, they're so cute at this age .. so full of the world and confident of their own adorableness and capabilities. 



Beautiful brothers..


Meg said...

What gorgeous boys and gorgeous photographs!

Kirsten said...

Oh this looks like such a FUN session!!! The boys must be the BEST of friends!

Adventures of a Crazy Mumma said...

Gorgeous :)

Peta said...

These little guys are so adorable. You have captured some really beautiful images.

Rachel said...

Super cute! Love seeing them at play - great photos :)

Robyn Geering said...

Just gorgeous Lea - and I agree, they are soooo cute at this age.

amanda said...

Love this, love the binoculars! Gorgeous.

Nicole Herrick said...

Oh my gosh, look at the cuddle at the end. Makes me want to have kids!